Saturday, December 3, 2011

so much fun last night...last set was rocking out for 2+ charts for the original songs of GroundZeroLA went by the wayside as the drunk dancing beer-soaked mob stomped on them..lemme tell you, John Notto and Josh Gooch are bad mamma's on guitar, as are cam tyler on drums and marc labelle on vox.....these clowns are in their mid-20's...scary. 

i put roundwound strings on my 77 p for kicks...liked it alot...pummeled it through my Way Huge Pork Loin, which stayed on the ENTIRE night...hehe. 

Happy Saturday, all.

Friday, December 2, 2011

PREVIOUS POSTS FROM . See you in Boston or NY this coming week! Looking forward to being back East, hanging with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving. 

Mark Guiliana and Beat Music in LA TONIGHT at Blue Whale better be there.

Hello! I will personally sign all copies of the Rudder Live at Rockwood DVD purchased here on my site.

New Gig on Saturday eve (11-12-11) at Witz End in venice...10pm...i am really excited about this project featuring Laura Mace on vox, Andrew Synowiec on guitar, Roland Gajate Garcia on Percussion...doing dark introverted obscure covers of some of our favorite should see this. and i don't say this often. 

fun day with Matt Mayhall and Adam Benjamin yesterday...Mayhall wrote some great music, and Adam is tearing it up!!! We play Friday at the Jazz Station...can anyone help me find and upright to play at that gig? I would totally appreesh...
AND!!!!  Mark Guiliana and Beat Music in LA Nov 15 at Blue Whale better be there.
Looks like i will be selling the Rudder Live at Rockwood Hall DVD here on my site, also on Keith Carlock's site too...


My ipod playlist this week while i do the santa monica steps has been fun...some of the tracks i really like lately:

Fink "A Sort of Revolution" A Sort Of Revolution, Deadmau5 "Bad Selection" 4 x4 = 12, Beastie Boys "Too Many Rappers" (grampa been rapping since aytee three)  Hot Sauce Committee, Nada Surf "Blizzard of 77" and "Fruit Fly" Let Go, Jeff Kollman "Swim in the Madness" Empower Devour...more to come!

holla! have a great day! 

Tonight, at the Baked Potato, Adam Rogers (Gtr) Ben Perowsky (drms) and myself playing upright for a night of music. Adam is a bad mamma jamma, as is Ben Perowsky. In fact this gig is one of the picks of the week at you there!

PS They had the bag at the Lost and Found at John Wayne Airport...thx to offficer Ward for hooking me back up with it..




11-3 today...


so...wind delays at o hare today..i was flying out of green delayed on the ground there for an hour, but they told us that all flights were delayed at o hare....keep in mind i have a session tonight at 7pm...supposed to get and o hare to LAX connection at 130 landing at 4pm...piece o cake, right?

but i land at o hare, filght to LAX is already closed... i call ual, they put me on a 330 flite that lands in Orange County at 5:37...on the plane i book a limo to take me to LAX when i know, a town car to pick up my truck at the parking spot on sepulveda... i land at 530, driver is nowhere...i call the limo company, they say the dude is 5 minutes away...15 minutes later no driver...10 minutes later he pulls up in a stretch limo (wtf)..i am furious because he is so late. i already backed the film date up an hour to 8pm...anyway, he pulls up, gets out of the car, i tell him "lets just go since your so late". meanwhile i'm throwing my bass and man-purse into the car...but i put my 3rd bag with my amp and pedals and cables on the roof of the my fury i forgot to put it in the car. so it rolled off the car somewhere, hopefully in the airport...over $1500 worth of  pedals and stuff in well as the $125 for the limo back to LAX..if you hear about it let me know, would you? molto grazzie..

this after and incredibly fun gig with mark guiliana and jason lindner in WI....

Heyo! Back from the Louis and Genevieve tour...big fun. Pomplamoose was amazing to hear live..."Hail Mary" blew my mind nightly (link)...This week I play with a bunch of eastcoasters again! Wednesday in Wisconsin with Mark Guiliana and Jason Lindner. Saturday New York comes to LA...Adam Rogers, Ben Perowsky and myself at the Baked Potato...Also starting rehearsals for Matt Mayhall's trio with myself and Adam Benjamin on keys...I Return to Oregon with those guys next week after a hit at the Blue Whale and Workshop at Cal State Northridge..FUN week of playing...Hang in there East Coasters...that snow was a fluke! Best to you all...

Don't Forget, The Rudder Live at Rockwood DVD is available and Here is a nice review from Phil Wain at